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3 Easy To Follow Bathroom Rituals


Your bathroom rituals should be just as calming as the bathing itself. While you just want some salt and essential oil to improve your blood circulation and loosen your strained shoulders, bathroom product prices are usually unreasonably high. Using ingredients that are at your fingertips let’s you improvise and save some money. That’s why we prefer this easy way. Let’s turn on the tap, light up some candles and take a look at what we’ve got in the kitchen.

Bath Salt

What you need: olive or coconut oil, salt and some essential oil.

Take a handful of salt, spoonful of olive oil and 8 drops of your favourite essential oil – we recommend bergamot, patchouli or lavender. Mix all ingredients together and put it into a hot tub. Grab a book, a magazine or apply a face mask while you’re at it and enjoy this bathroom ritual for 20 minutes.

Youth mask

What you need: coconut oil, coffee grounds, raw cacao powder, honey.

Facial mask is always a good idea. Take a teaspoon of everything, stir together and apply the mixture to a clean face. Relax yourself and your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water. Full of antioxidants it improves blood circulation, so your skin will feel energized.

Towel Massage

What you need: waffle towel.

Did you know that a towel can sometimes replace a masseur? Rub your skin softly and don’t forget the most sensitive, yet pleasurable body parts like the finger gaps. Be gentle with the delicate skin on your face. If your skin is dry after a bath, apply some coconut oil.

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