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2023 seems to be a very exciting year for interior design in that it brings some big changes. As we slowly figure out how to live a post-pandemic life, we are simultaneously trying to get an idea of what our home should look and feel like. In the last few years, the need to run away from chaos and uncertainty made us seek calmness in minimalistic, monochrome, and orderly interiors. But now, as we return to the offices, are able again to meet our friends in cafes, and enjoy the excitement of traveling, we starve for more color in our lives and in our homes, too.

interior decor trends

The biggest influence for the interior trends in 2023 is the wish to make our home super cozy and a very exciting place to be. No more all-white walls, grey tones, and gallery-like rooms. This year we give way to all things “comfortcore” - joyful colors, rounded shapes, and soft materials to turn our home into a comfortable cocoon.

Sounds like something you want for your home, too? Well, then let’s look closer at what interior design styles will be on top of the list in 2023 and how to use them to bring that gust of fresh air into your home.

Big, bright, bold

Exit: Minimalism.

Enter: Maximalism.

Yes, as you already understood, interiors that are too restrained and stripped to a bare minimum are becoming a thing of the past. Maximalism is bringing a big dose of fun with its bright colors and bald, unexpected ideas. Let’s talk about the most prominent features that this trend brings to our homes.

Accent walls

Accent walls are a big part of maximalism and there are different ways to look at this idea. You can paint one or two walls in an unexpected color, use color blocking and adorn only half of the wall in the room, use stenciling, or paint the skirting boards in one or different colors. Colorful, ornamental wallpapers are also a great thing to accentuate walls in the room.

Another way to ditch the boring flat walls is to give them a texture. Moldings, geometric shapes, or natural textures are welcomed, and the choice depends on the overall interior you want to create.

Bold colors

Bold colors and interesting prints and patterns are preferred over pastel tones. And you have total freedom about how these colors can be introduced. Bright-colored sofa and a couple of decorated armchairs against contrasting curtains can be something you will commonly see in a maximalist interior.

Also, there is a huge focus on decorative elements, such as wall art, rugs, curtains, cushions, and even table linen. If you feel intimidated by full-on maximalism, but still feel sympathy towards it, these smaller interior details can be a wonderful and inexpensive way to introduce bold accents without making a big commitment. Consider bright rug and linen cushion covers for the living room, bold-colored linen bedding for your bedroom, or contrasting table linen for fun get-togethers in your dining room.

decorative elements

The rounder, the better

If we think about interior geometry in terms of creating a cozy cocoon, round shapes instantly come to mind. So, in 2023 straight lines and harsh angles are replaced by curvy silhouettes and soft forms.

Rounded furniture is definitely something that we will be seeing a lot of this year. From big curvy sofas and round tables to delicate rounded decor elements on the armchair - all these pieces are beautifully coming together to create a softer, cozier interior.

Rounded furniture

Also, do not forget to incorporate rounded decor elements into the interior. Consider a round shaggy rug for the living room, a round tablecloth for your round dining table, or even rounded door knobs and cutlery. If you plan some construction work in the near future, consider creating arched doorways as they will provide an interesting and unexpected touch to the space.

round forms

By the way, one amazing thing about round forms is that they allow for more freedom when arranging the room. Straight lines and angles usually demand to maintain perfect symmetry in order to create a balanced space. When it comes to round shapes, you can experiment with the position of the furniture and choose more interesting and even excentric pieces as curvy shapes will still provide a softer, less harsh look to them.

More things to touch

Textures are definitely in the spotlight this year. Not only do they provide visual interest, but they also give the space more dimension and create an opportunity for a tactile experience. From ceiling to floor, from textiles to furniture and beyond, everything seems to be better with texture.


The easiest way to incorporate more textures into an existing interior is by playing with textiles. A couple of bouclé accent chairs in rounded form would be absolutely in tune with this year's trends, providing a cozy touch to the living room. Rugged wool in interesting weave, velveteen, and leather are other great examples of tactile materials. Choose linen for a more delicate texture. It’s a perfect option for table textiles or bedding, where you want to keep things soft and elegant, yet enjoy the look and feel of linen’s weave and natural wrinkly waves.

We’ve already mentioned that maximalism loves accent walls. And there are many ways to provide texture to them. Lime plaster seems to gain popularity as it is versatile and quote delicate yet doesn’t look flat. If you are looking for something more interesting, wallpapers in bold colors, prints, and patterns are a big yes this year.

Tiles and stone

Tiles and stone are other mediums that provide an interesting texture to the space, especially the kitchen and bathroom. They work well for both small surfaces to entire walls, adding more character and layers to the interior.

Colors that warm you up

All trends this year are oriented towards more comfort, coziness, and warmth. And the same goes for the color palette. We are slowly moving away from the cold, monochrome, grey-scale spaces and inviting warm dopamine-boosting hues into our homes. There are no strict rules about what shades of pink and orange are popular this year. But warm hues are definitely more in favor when compared to cooler ones.

warm hues

When introducing these sunset hues into your home, choose the palette you feel most comfortable with. You can opt for several tones of pastel blush and beige, go bold with bright orange and terracotta, or mix both pastels and brights for a nice pop of color in a softer background.

sunset hues

Earthy tones, from limestone white to burnt wall brown, will still maintain their popularity. So feel free to use them if you want to create a more down-to-earth interior.

Vintage is the new modern

Vintage comes back as one of the key trends this year, with a big influence coming from 1920s art deco and even more from 1970s mid-century modern styles. Although this trend evokes a little bit of nostalgia, it is wonderful in that it beautifully blends with a traditional, modern, or even minimalistic interior.

This interior design trend is distinguished by its warm, intense color palette of deep brown, red, and orange tones, accompanied by golden accents. But don’t be afraid to incorporate other deep hues like blue or green to make the interior more interesting. A good way to work with colors here is to use those warm tones as a base and add other colors through decorative elements.

vintage interior

Wood, leather, and metal as well as textured furnishings and fun interior decor elements are also inherent to this style. And a lot of attention goes to 1970s-inspired furniture, which ranges from round sculptural sofas and coffee tables to functional yet decorative bureaus and commodes. Furniture shops now offer an endless variety of new furniture, inspired by art deco and mid-century modern. Yet, before you go shopping for new pieces, consider going to your local antique shop or visiting your grandparents to see if there is any vintage gem that has been taking up too much space in their living room.

1970s-inspired furniture

The sustainable choice is the right choice

As you can see, vintage, second-hand furniture is in style now and is very much in line with the sustainability trend. Although we probably should stop calling it a trend - sustainability has been trending for several years now and has become a new norm which is good news and we couldn’t be happier about it. 

When it comes to interior design, sustainability encompasses many different things and is more of a general approach to the choices we make when creating our homes. But authentic vintage second-hand furniture and interior decor elements together with new handmade sustainable pieces are currently in the spotlight.

second-hand furniture

As minimalism steps aside, the need to make your home picture-perfect goes out of style along with it. So there is plenty of room for second-hand furniture that may be marked with the signs of aging but gives more character to the interior and even tells a story.  The same applies to interior decor elements such as vases, paintings, lamps, etc. So if you are planning to give some fresh updates to your home and you are very much into this trend, make a trip to vintage markets and antique stores. It is a great way to find unique, good-quality pieces, save, and make your home more sustainable.

Another big part of this sustainability trend is opting for handcrafted, ethically made pieces instead of mass-market things. So looking for interior decor elements that are made from natural or recycled materials is a good idea and will bring warm, homey touches to the space. Don’t be afraid to explore the local artisans for handmade pottery or try less common but more sustainable materials. Good examples here would be hemp bedding or linen home textiles.

handcrafted pieces

One important thing to mention - making your interior more sustainable doesn’t mean throwing everything away and replacing it with recycled, ethically made things as that would actually be the opposite of sustainable. Simply, whenever you are in need of anything new for your home, opt for something sustainable and long-lasting to reduce the need to exchange the items too often.

In short, what are the biggest interior trends in 2023?

- Maximalism: bold and contrasting colors, textured or painted accent walls, wallpapers, unusual and unique interior decorations.

- Curved shapes: soft forms instead of strict symmetry and straight lines, preference for rounded furniture and decor elements to make the interior cozy and relaxed.

- Tactile textures: textured instead of flat walls, interesting stone and tile surfaces, the use of different textured fabrics like bouclé, wool, linen, or velveteen.

- Sunset hues: grey monochrome tones are replaced by warm red, orange, and pink tones that range from soft pastels to bold hues. Earthy shades are still very much in trend.

- 1970s-inspired vintage: brown, orange, and gold tones, unique vintage furniture, interior decor elements inspired by art deco and mid-century modern styles.

- Sustainability: great focus on vintage or new ethically made sustainable pieces. Some examples include good-quality second-hand furniture and handmade sustainable textiles like linen table accessories or hemp bedding.

interior trends 2023

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