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Table Decor In Trendy Colors


Easter. It’s a time for family, friends, joy and traditional celebration of spring and life. Usually, it includes colorful decorations, but what if you like trendier colors? You can decorate your Easter table in a minimalistic pastel style then. Remember Pantone colors for 2016? Inspired by them, we prepared a fresh and sophisticated idea for your table decor. Although we recommend it for Easter, you can set your table this way for any occasion.

Important: adding a bit of a style to your Easter breakfast shouldn’t take a month of preparation. We choose simple, yet striking décor over the typical colorful bunny/chicken style.

As you may have noticed, the trendiest and the most beautiful (in our opinion) colors of the year are Light Grey and Pink Lavender.

First, we layered the table with our pink lavender tablecloth and a vintage light grey table runner. Then we added flatware pockets and placemats of the same color putting almost the final touch. However, we firmly believe that beuaty is in the details. And this is especially true for our Easter table décor. Just have a look at these delicate flowers and soft looking branches!

There is a large number of variations possible that you can choose from: multiple layers (with table runners or placemats) or simply tablecloth. Whatever variation you choose it will look fresh, stylish and trendy.

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