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3 Ways To Bring More Personality Into Your Bedroom


Our bedroom is the last room in our house that we’d want unexpected guests to see when they come over. And not because we take less care of it than we do of, let’s say, our living room. We tend to keep our bedrooms behind closed doors because of they’re intimate. A bedroom is a place where we get to truly be ourselves – dressed down, fresh faced and just in general, having the ability and pleasure to do whatever we like.

Still when furnishing our bedrooms, we mostly focus on the functionality – the comfort of the mattress or the size of the closet. What we forget is that a bedroom could and should reflect our personalities. Here are a few ideas on how that can be done:

Add some art

Sure, if you have some impressive art pieces in your home, you’ll probably want to hang them somewhere everyone could see. But that doesn’t mean the bedroom walls should be left bare. The bedroom is the perfect gallery for your private collection: frame some family photos or even sentimental memorabilia like tickets from your first date or letters from dear friends. Decorate with whatever makes you happy – after all these things will be the last ones you see when you go to sleep and the first ones you see when you wake up in the morning.

linen bedding


Invest in some plants

Plants can do more than just add greenery to a room. They can also improve your mood, enhance your creativity, reduce your stress levels, maintain humidity at a low, produce oxygen, filter air pollutants and most importantly – help you sleep better. Choose plants like Aloe Vera, Peace Lillies or Snake plants as your green bedroom companions. Love blossoms? Get yourself a potted Lavender, Gardenias or even some Jasmin, if you don’t mind the strong aroma of course.


Dress up your bed

If most of your bedroom furniture is plain, and minimalistic, colorful textiles could really make it pop. You don’t have to choose bold prints if that’s not your thing – after all, they tend to go out of fashion quickly. Instead, go for some colorful but monochromatic bed linen. If your bedroom walls are white, you’ll achieve great results by choosing a deeper bedding color, like mauve or forest green. Just toss some contrasting throw pillows on it and behold – your bed is now, deservedly, the centerpiece of your bedroom.

linen bedding

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