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As a production coordinator, Jolanta holds the responsibility of meticulously planning the production processes from initial sketches to the realization of the final product. She places paramount importance on two core values - quality and speed - when orchestrating orders and delegating tasks to various units. By prioritizing these values, Jolanta ensures that the highest standards of quality and customer service are consistently met.

Stories From The Linen Tales Family

How would you describe a team with women at its core?

For me, it‘s a team united by fellowship. It is based on support and a strong focus on the same goal while pursuing daily tasks.

How do you feel being a part of a Linen Tales family? Are there any activities or team rituals to celebrate femininity and bond with other female colleagues?

I feel inspired by being surrounded by talented, strong, and energetic colleagues who consistently share their experiences and support each other's professional and personal growth.

In our production office, we have a special ritual of cleansing the space with palo santo incense sticks, which brings a sense of serenity and clarity to the mind. Additionally, we often gather for lunch together, providing us with the opportunity to share discoveries, and recommendations, and engage in discussions about topics such as books or travels.

Do you feel that gender can create any barriers to reaching professional goals? Can you share your thoughts on this in the Linen Tales company context?

I don‘t feel that there are any barriers. Instead, I see a multitude of possibilities available today. For instance, one can enhance their professional knowledge or pursue education remotely, greatly expanding the scope of opportunities. Additionally, there is a wide variety of training options to choose from, whether it's related to a professional field or personal development. At Linen Tales, we all have equal access to additional professional training. Ultimately, it's up to each individual to seize these opportunities.

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