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5 Easy Steps To Boost Your Morning Routine


How do you start your mornings? Do you feel ready for a new day? Or maybe you just yawn and stretch in your bed hating everything? It is a well-known fact, that you should enter your morning happy and relaxed to increase your chances of a productive day. Yet, many of us spend the mornings in a very utilitarian manner: we usually meet our basic needs and forget about the state of our souls. The holiday season is a perfect time to start a new tradition of enjoying every morning. The most important thing to make this New Year is a resolution stick. Follow our tips and learn the secret of a happy breakfast.

A good morning ritual consists of the following:

- Eating what you really like

Make a big breakfast (this is more likely to be a brunch if you spent your last night going out). Have a strong coffee or tea and enjoy every sip of it.

- Spend some quality time with your special ones

It’s a horrible cliché that you can invite your friends over only for dinner or lunch. Break this rule and invite your besties for breakfast. Don’t forget, that smiling and laughing will make you happier! And who can make you smile and laugh better than your friends and family?

- Read a book or a magazine

Make sure that you read what you really want to read, not some quality management textbook for your work. The only possible exception is if you are passionate and cannot spend a single minute without quality management. Reading is brain food, that is crucial for feeling inspired and creative. It keeps you moving in the right direction.

- Spend some quality time with your special ones

Wear a comfy bathrobe and take your time to get ready for the day. Spend 5 minutes imagining that you have plenty of time. Isn’t it a beautiful dream?

- Enjoy life

Especially on the weekends. Let’s be honest: sometimes we just don’t have enough time to set a table. We eat on the go, forgetting about the pleasures of aesthetics. This is why weekends are for joie de vivre by all possible means and meals. Decorate your table beautifully; our delicate linen tablecloths and placemats are perfect for setting the right mood!

Celebrate your mornings! Taking time to eat and think in the morning seems to be a luxury, but it’s a necessity.


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