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Making Your Daily Life Beautiful

We want to create a whole new image for linen with our unique colors and designs. We have devoted ourselves to provide the highest quality of linen; from the precise selection of the finest linen fabrics, to sustainable and specialized dyeing, softening and weaving techniques. We want to show the world the true beauty of linen.


We want to keep the proud tradition of Lithuania and linen deep within our brand identity. Thus, it’s quite important for us to support local providers trough managing our supply chain and general production directly in our motherland.


Perfection isn’t everything, it is the only thing. As we keep spreading our inspiration and love for linen to people all around the world, we keep our high commitment with quality quite close to us. From our very first steps, we’ve poured our souls in every single item we cater. Therefore, we want you to always be nothing but satisfied with our products.