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Introducing our new favorite colors for the upcoming season and sharing a few ideas on how to style them.

Working on a new color collection for the season is one of the most creative and exciting tasks for us. Partly because we get to rethink where our inspiration comes from, what we want to create with the new collection, and what feels right at the moment. And partly because, well, we just love sharing the results with you!

And so we greet this season with soft and calm hues, ranging from lucid Silver to calming Green Milieu to grounded, down to earth Nutmeg.


Silver, a soft and light shade of grey, is the new Natural or White of this season. It is easy to match with other colors but it is just as beautiful by itself. That is why it is so versatile.

In photos: Silver linen tablecloth + Silver linen napkins 

Put a Silver tablecloth to your Sunday lunch table to uplift the mood and create a feeling of celebration without making it too much. Or use the whole set of Silver table linen along with muted earth-toned tableware and enjoy an elegant and gracious tablescape that that brings full attention to the food you put on the table and to the people sitting around it.

In photo: Silver linen tablecloth + Silver linen napkins


This frosty green color radiates both calmness and luxury at the same time. Green Milieu goes well with White, Silver, and darker greens and blues, like Deep Water. So for a subtle and sophisticated tablescape, combine Green Milieu tablecloth with Silver napkins and Deep Water table runners and placemats or vice versa. Add fresh flowers and leaves as they will add liveliness to the soft green table linen. Use golden or silver accessories for a dash of fancy. 

In photo: Green Milieu linen tablecloth + Deep Water linen napkins + Silver linen napkins + Deep Water linen coasters + Silver linen coasters

In photo: Green Milieu linen tablecloth + Deep Water linen napkins + Silver linen napkins + Deep Water linen coasters + Silver linen coasters + Deep Water linen placemat


The most down-to-earth from the whole collection, Nutmeg has something so cozy, homey, and rustic about it. It makes us feel the smell of freshly ground nutmeg and home-cooked food. This deeper, darker shade combines well with light Silver in an earthy yet refined result, be it a table setting or a decorative cushion covers on the couch. And if you are a fan of rustic interior, we think you might love a combination of Nutmeg and Natural.

In photo: Nutmeg linen chef apron + Nutmeg linen cushion cover

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