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Terry towels

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A classic that will never get old. Our linen cotton blend terry towels have a delicate bumpy texture that will massage your skin while perfectly drying your body. Made of 75% linen and 25% cotton, these towels are not only highly absorbent but also resistant.

If you prefer bath towels that are slightly rough – linen terry towels are the ones to choose. These towels will help you wake up in the morning, because they softly massage your skin and improve the blood flow. Our terry towels are made of 75% linen and 25% cotton. Linen is a highly absorbent fabric, which can absorb up to 20% of its own weight. We added cotton in order to improve the absorption of this terry towel even more. You can select from large (full body) and small (hand and face) linen terry towels in our online shop.

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