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Cutlery pockets

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Linen cutlery pockets are quickly gaining popularity as a table accessory. They are very practical in decorating your table setting: when a linen cutlery pocket is folded it looks like a linen napkin and once opened it reveals all cutlery nicely placed inside. You definitely need a linen cutlery pocket, because it allows you to fit a spoon, knife, and fork in one place and hold them neatly in one place. It means that the main focus on table setting will be on your delicious dishes and other table linen accessories. Aren’t cutlery pockets irreplaceable in creating a more organized and elegant table setting?

If you are using cutlery pockets for bigger celebratory events, an opened half of the pocket may serve as a good place to put a little menu or greeting card or a name card, too. Also, you can decorate the opened half of the pocket by placing there a leafed branch or a flower.

Keep everything in one place, cutlery pockets are quickly becoming popular everywhere. While folded it gives the look of a perfectly folded napkin but once it’s open you’ll find all the cutlery needed for enjoying your meal.

Combine our linen cutlery pockets with a linen tableclothlinen napkins or linen placemats for a refined, finished table setting.