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16 Hours Clothing

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The newest 16 Hours collection was inspired by a strong, serene woman of today. Living in a hugely urbanistic environment, she remains calm and confident, knowing that she is unique and self-sufficient.

16 Hours was created to accommodate the entire day of such a woman – from dawn to midnight, in these pieces, she will always look and feel both flawless and comfortable. The nature-inspired color palette reflects the central values of the collection – depth and tranquility, freshness and lightness, peacefulness, and effeminacy. Designed by the prominent Lithuanian designer Sandra Straukaitė, the collection pieces will surely find a special place in your wardrobe.

16 Hours classic collection

Inspired by the elegance and versatility of classics, this collection seeks to reimagine them in a modern, up-to-date way. 16 Hours classic collection includes timeless silhouettes and plays with subtle unexpected details and pockets, creating clothing pieces that give the wearer confidence and comfort from early morning to late evening. The mixed palette of both soft and bright colors allows the freedom to experiment and turn a classic piece into a statement.

Invite effortless style into your wardrobe with 16 Hours classic collection to always look and feel your best.