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Linen bedding sets are the best option for those who seek comfort and wish to take a natural approach to bedding. Linen Tales pure linen bed set includes one linen pillow case and linen duvet cover for single bed set and two pillow cases and one duvet cover for double bed sets. We recommend choosing additionally linen fitted sheets or linen flat sheets to complete your bedding set. Linen fabric has many advantages such as temperature regulating properties, which highly improve sleep quality. A natural linen bedding set will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Due to its simplistic design, it is also an elegant addition to your bedroom interior. In our online shop, you can find a selection of linen bedding sets that come in various sizes and colours. We offer both single linen bedding sets and double linen bedding sets for all bed sizes – even the biggest king size ones. For every country we created a special linen bed set, so you can find here Australian size linen bed set, US King and US Queen linen bed sets and a variety of European bedding sizes in sets. Don't forget our linen bed sets are sewn of stonewashed, pure European linen, handcrafted in Lithuania and have super fluffy touch and are easy to care.